Aero tourism

The most brave and active people may choose air tourism. It is very popular in the Lviv region. From the top You may see wonderful landscapes and panoramas. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Ukrainian land. This type of active recreation is the influx of adrenaline. Air tourism requires certain skills, equipment, and good weather. Good preparation is rewarded with a burst of energy and aesthetic pleasure.

Paragliding is very interesting and popular type of active recreation. Paragliding in other words is called the art of flight.

Parachute jumping is a sport of brave people. This is desire to feel the power and freedom of flight, test of courage, the opportunity to experience fear and deal with it.

Ballooning is a quiet and safe option for all those who want to try air adventure. Balloon aircraft moves in the direction of the wind and goes down or goes up with the actions of the pilot. Balloon flights by the Lviv region will be Your unforgettable impression about rest here.

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