Autumn recreation

It would be nice to have few days of rest in autumn! Change familiar environment to forget about work and household chores. Go toward adventure and recreation. You can get into the fairytale, painted with hot colors of autumn. A holiday for two in the Carpathians Mountains is a real present for both and it will be a part of your unforgettable love story.

If you are looking for a place for a rest in Ukraine, in Lviv region You will find proposition that will satisfy all your wishes. And it seems that autumn is the best time for recreation. The days are not so hot and it is the best suited weather for hiking by picturesque places. Try to overcome all obstacles in a rope park.

You should visit Volerny farms, zoos and farming to satisfy the desire to be in touch with nature. You can talk with small animals, observe wildlife in its natural environment and even feed the animals.

You just will not find a better time for hunting than autumn. If You have previous training, skills and all the necessary equipment, You may safely go hunting for wild boar, rabbits or ducks.

Who wants to spend holidays more relaxed, may go for mushrooms. Of course, You'll need to select only edible mushrooms, and dry them or marinate after.

Another one entertainment in autumn, although it may seems that it is the least mobile, is fishing. If pick the right moment, You can even catch a trout river in mountain river. Enjoy the serenity of the lake. If You do not have special equipment for fishing, in a Trout farming You may rent all the necessary implements.

You may settle in the agro-estates, rent a cottage or house. Some of them have a bath and saunas, where You can nicely relax, get warm and healthy. Spend a weekend close to nature with friends or family.

To strengthen health during quality rest, You can go to the health centers. There You will be served with professional staff, making the treatments. The whole nature around is lighted in red, yellow and purple that delight the eye in autumn.

Equally beautiful background will be made by castles, palaces and fortifications in the light rays of the autumn sun. Here You can get on a tour from Lviv and learn more about this region. Unsurpassed background for the photos will be in Carpathian Mountains, where You can admire the views, draw strength and inspiration to work and good rest.

Autumn is generous in fruits and vegetables. In the Lviv region, You can choose a location for picnic in the last warm days of the year. Relax with friends, eat fried meat, vegetables, drink wine…

In Lviv every weekend there are different gastronomic festivals. For example there is «Holiday cheese» in Lviv, «Сoffee Feast»… Various concerts, calendar holidays, exhibitions and other events. And during leisure You may visit with kids events for children.

Lviv region will give You many unforgettable moments. You will be happy and feel renewed! You will be satisfied here totally.

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