Carpathian mountains

Carpathians, Carpathian Mountains… The name itself already sounds menacing and gently simultaneously, fully disclosing the nature of the massif. Having emerged from the seabed in Cenozoic times, modern Carpathians represent a lengthy range of mountains that stretches through eight countries, including Ukraine.

Ukrainian Carpathians in Lviv district consist of a magnificent park “Skole Beskids”, Slavs’ko and Skole, a reserve “Tustan” and a mount Parashka. Almost every citizen of Western Ukraine began his/her acquaintance with the mountains climbing this mount…But, above all, it is the breathtaking beauty of mountains and valleys, caves and waters. It is a place lavishly heated by the sun and hardened by the winds. It is a timely-honoured mysterious land. The mountains turn into the real El Dorado, when the sun pours its radiance around, leaping out of the chain of mountains. El Dorado… the long-dreamed golden land where dreams come true. Let’s take a short walk?!

… Due to continental climate, it is always warm and humid here. The air is fresh, clean and even “thick” with fragrance. The ascent begins at the foot of the mountains. Therefore, first we will head our way through deciduous forest, filled with tinkling singing of birds. Oak, hornbeam, maple, beech, linden… Climbing higher you will notice that the forest becomes mixed: fir and spruce, thse that have been sung about in Ukrainian songs, appear among deciduous “brothers”. And here are the berries! They form the underbrush of the forest. Having tasted plenty of raspberries and blackberries, having treated yourself to hazelnuts and having gathered wild roses to prepare healing tea in winter, we go ahead. The further you go, the higher concentration of pine is in the forest. Moreover, the ground is covered with moss. It is dark, wet and a bit mystical. Blueberries and cranberries shine like precious stones on the forest clearings.

Eventually, we will come out of the woods. We will come across some bushes and crooked forests. A little bit higher we will encounter the real beauty: scattered meadows embellished with colorful carpets of flowers and herbs.

Perhaps, we will find our way to famous Cranberry (or Dead) lake. Its water is so saturated with hydrogen sulfide that there are no higher living organisms inside. Despite all the stereotypes, the water in the lake is crystal-clear.

It is also worth visiting one of the natural protection sites. There are over 1400 such sites in the Carpathian Mountains, for instance, the already mentioned National Park “Skole Beskids”, Tustan fortress (one of national nature reserves), where “Tu!Stan’” festival takes place, etc.

Carpathians is a favorite place for recreation and travelling for mountain travelers-campers as well as for organized tourist groups that stay at one of numerous recreation bases. Holidays and recreation in the Carpathian Mountains can be extremely comfortable as there is a wide variety of hotels, pensions and agro-estates to satisfy all tastes.

Mountains grant you the possibility of active pastime along with quiet contemplating holiday in the heart of nature.

While planning your trip to Carpathians, certainly include Dead Lake in the list of places to visit. Do not ignore also the splendid opportunity to admire the Carpathian waterfalls. Hurkalo or, for instance, Kamyanka, are located very close in Lviv region! A couple of big Carpathian rivers such as the Stryy, the Opir and the Dnister run through the Carpathian mountains.

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