Castles, palaces, fortifications

Silent witnesses of events in ancient times; the admiration of beautiful young ladies; reliable and inaccessible bastion, a part of defensive system in towns and cities… There are numerous magnificent palaces, majestic castles, mighty fortifications in Lviv region. Unfortunately, not all of them are in good condition, but each of them is a unique tourist attraction and deserves your attention.

Castles and fortifications in Lviv region are among the key tourist attractions in the region. The route “Golden Horseshoe of Lviv” will help you to become familiar with their architecture, to admire the picturesque views around the castles and fortifications and be inspired by mysterious stories that are associated with almost every castle or fortification building. The route includes five main fortification monuments in the region. They are: Zolochiv Castle, Svirzh Castle, Pidhirtsi Castle, Olesko Castle and Stare Selo Castle. Tustan fortress is also of interest to visit. It is located on the territory of the natural park “Skole Beskids”.

If you you a lot of time, try to visit other beautiful castles of Lviv region, including the castles in Brody, Vynnyky, Zhovkva, Pomoryany, Stryy and other fortifications preserved up to our times.

The best place to walk around sumptuous palaces and imagine yourself to be a lord of ancient days is in Lviv. Just listen: Sapieha Palace, Potocki Palace, Kornyakt Palace, Bandinelli Palace, Belsky Palace, Palace of Baworowskis, Lubomirski Palace, Dzieduszycki Palace… And the list goes on. We have listed not even a half of Lviv palaces and small palaces which hospitably open their doors to you! The House of Scientists (Lystopadovoho Chynu Str.) is a true palace in its own right. This luxurious building was a stage for one of the episodes of the famous movie “D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers”. Moreover, it is an extremely popular location for wedding photo shoots.

Allow yourself to plunge into a beautiful fairy tale. Perhaps, the palaces and castles of Lviv will inspire you to feel beautiful and noble, majestic and fair as the heroes of knightly legends…

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