If you have ever been to Carpathians, you know this amazing feeling. Having walked considerably lengthy path and having been pleasantly tired, sweaty and dusty, you suddenly see in front of you the lake. Like a precious stone lost in the grass, it reflects the sky in its reach.

Do you know anything better than to plunge into these pure, fresh, pleasantly cool waters? Be careful! It is important to be vigilant: Carpathian lakes are small but deep.

Traveling to Carpathians in Lviv region, add Cranberry Lake to the places to visit. Its other name is Dead Lake. It originates from the saturation of water with hydrogen sulfide, which consequently leaves no chances to the life of higher organisms. You, probably, have imagined a terrible picture. But, in fact, Cranberry Lake has transparent water. The banks are covered with valuable plants, among them there are cranberry bushes that gave name to this lake.

The lake is partly marshy, so that it is dangerous. Visually solid carpet of moss hides a quagmire which is extremely difficult to get out.

Dead Lake is a must-see popular tourist attraction site in Skole Beskids’ park.

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