If you want to breathe fresh air, to enjoy the greenery, to read in the shadow of the trees, or to walk with friends in the nature, it is not necessary to leave the city! Lviv region is rich in urban parks that are perfect for walking and recreation. You will find such parks in almost every city and town of the region; and a great variety of them are located in Lviv: here there are dozens of parks and botanical gardens. Having such a wide range of choice each traveler will find a place that suits him/her best. Which park will be your favorite? Would it be a well-known outside Ukraine Stryyskyy park, which is one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Europe? Or will you opt for High Castle park, which is scattered on the slopes of the Castle Hill? Or perhaps you will go to the park On the Ramparts near the building of the Lviv Regional Council? Or would you like to stop your choice on the park named after Ivan Franko, the first public park of the city, which is usually called Kosciuszko park by Lviv citizens, as they used to call it some time ago?..

Just plan a walk in one of the parks in Lviv or Lviv region, as it is a great opportunity to be closer to nature without leaving the ordinary urban life.

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