Protected areas

If you want to spend time with benefit, to learn more about the nature of Lviv region or to stay outdoors, choose one of the protected areas in the region without hesitation. This concept combines nature reserves, natural landmarks and parks. The latter were created for rest. Unlike the reserves, everyone who would like to relax and walk around can visit parks.

Around forty national parks can be enumerated in Ukraine. There are few of them in the Lviv region. They are “Pivnichne Podillya”, “Skole Beskids” and park “Yavoriv”.

Planning your journey in the Carpathian Mountains in Lviv region, add “Skole Beskids” to your route. This park united several smaller nature protection objects – forest and landscape reserves, as well as several natural areas. Thanks to all this diversity you will admire “Skole Beskids”.

Luxury coniferous forests are interspersed with dense deciduous forests. Some specimens of rare flora, listed as endangered in the Red Book of Ukraine, freely grow on the territory of the park.

The park is abundant at wildlife. It is interesting both for children and adults to see a bison or a roe deer, or even an otter (listed in the Red Book of Ukraine), a badger or a forest cat. Here you will also encounter some hunting animals: a wild boar, a marten, a hare and others.

Nature under the protection of man truly abounds in the park. Crystal clear rivers flow (park covers a part of the river basins of the Stryy River and the Opir River), the lakes raise their eyes to the sky, the waterfalls Hurkalo and Kamyanka plummet with their waters. Mount Parashka is the highest point of the park. Even a tourist-beginner will climb it easily. In addition, a reserve “Tustan” and the mineral water deposit in Skhidnytsya are located on the territory of “Skole Beskids”.

Depending on your mood and wishes, you may choose the best way to spend your day: to relax and gain strength; to have active pastime; or to walk quietly at almost meditative pace… One thing will be unchanged: a good mood and enjoyment are guaranteed!

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