Riding Tourism

Equestrian walks and horse tourism were popular in all ages and always attracted attention. Now in Lviv region develops equestrian tourism very active. Firstly You should learn riding skills and care of animals to be resilient and patient. The horse is not just a vehicle, but a friend and partner of man. Travel on horseback is considered the most environmentally friendly type of tourism. On a horseback You may get to the corners of parks, mountains and forests, where the person cannot get by car or on foot. Horse tours may be of different levels of service: self-service or with assistance of grooms and cooks. You may chose accommodation in tents on camp, or in private houses, escort transportation that carries the necessary equipment, food and other goods. Choosing of horse trails in Lviv region depends on the previous training and experience of travelers. They can last from several hours to several weeks. It is a complex type of recreation, because not everyone is able to spend in the saddle from 2 to 8 hours a day. But if You are not afraid of difficulties and You are fond of riding – this type of holidays is for You!

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