Ski tourism

Ski tourism, lifts and ski equipment

Lviv region of Ukraine is associated with the incredibly beautiful mountain horizons, fresh air of the Carpathian slopes, the local national atmosphere.

Skiing in Lviv region is on a new level. Ski services offer for travelers all conditions and accommodation for a good rest. Here You can get everything you need for a ski tourism on European level. You may rent ski equipment and improve your technique of skiing on the slopes of different difficulty. Ski resorts in Lviv region: Dynamo (Mount Trostyan), Slavske, Volosyanka («Zahar Berkut») Oryavchyk, Tisovec, Rozluch, Plavie («Play») known not only in our country but also abroad. Ski tourism is not just a fascinating pastime but a style of life. Lviv region welcomes all conquerors of mountain peaks and offers them everything the best.

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