Spring recreation

The ice burns, green shoots bloom, the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, streams and rivers are flowing in spring… The new life of nature begins. At this period You may get inspiration, a lot of new experiences and unforgettable emotions.

Camping is this is what You need if You don’t know how and where spend the weekend. Spring is the best time for a variety of outdoor activities. Discover uncharted corners of Ukraine while hiking. If You are looking for romantic atmosphere You shouldn’t go far away from the city: the rest near the city will give it to You.

Equestrian tourism is so exciting – try and make sure. The trip will be an unforgettable riding, when You are so close to nature and charming Carpathians Mountains. Carpathians in spring may be the most interesting and most fascinating place for rest. You may stay at Agri-estate, rent a cottage or house, and enjoy moderate, measured rhythm of life. Rejoice these long-awaited warm days.

Your leisure time You can spend fishing. Great catch is provided for You, because fish at this period easily goes to the bait on the hook. A lot of rivers and lakes are in Lviv region; rest with the first rays of the sun on the river or lake. If You prefer more active pastime, You can go cycling. You never know where the next climb of the mountain is or where is a sharp descent. Above all it is great and exciting and sometimes difficult.

Look at Volerny farms and zoos! There are waiting for You funny replenishment animals. It will be a joy for You and your children.

Have You ever played golf as in American films? During the rest on a spring in the Lviv region it will be a real surprise for friends. During the game of golf make a competition: who is better and makes more strikes in the hole. Moreover, this entertainment already is available not far from the city.

If You are fun of history and legends – explore the Lviv region. There are a lot of castles, palaces, fortifications, built in different styles and at different times. Photos beside these monumental buildings on a background of flowering trees will remember You holidays in Lviv region. To the historical cities are tours from Lviv.

In the spring are a lot of days off that can be converted into a small holiday. Plan a weekend in Lviv in advance to do not lose valuable time and gain as much experience. On a spring is a Day of the city of Lviv. So choose events to go in the calendar of events.

Spring is a time for romantic adventures and magical flowers, inspiration and desires. Spring holidays in Lviv may bring you unforgettable experiences, gentle smile, joy and warm emotions!

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