Summer recreation

We look forward to a hot and sunny summer. It is time when You can relax on lakeside, go on a vacation to the Carpathian Mountains, travel by Ukraine with friends or family.

Lviv region offers a lot of different propositions for a good rest. Indeed, in every corner of this region is something special that is not in another. Do You want to spend a few weeks at the resort and better your health? Welcome to Skhidnytsia. Do You want to dive into the world of legendary history? Historic cities, castles, palaces may make You breathtaking excursion into the past. Are You tired of the life in the city and want to enjoy the beauty of nature, fresh air and tranquility? The Carpathians Mountains are waiting for You!

If You think that high-quality and unforgettable rest in Carpathians Mountains is possible just in winter, it is a true myth. On hot summer days, perhaps, it is the most pleasant and coolest place in all Ukraine. Mountains will give You fresh air, much fresher than urban air. It would be great to plunge the desired cool mountain water on hot days!

Summer in Carpathians Mountains is ideal time and place for rafting, kayaking, fishing. During the rest in the Carpathians Mountains You can stay in the agro-manor or rent a cottage or house. And if You are willing to leave the comfort of rooms, You may live in a tent in the Green-camping during this warm season. You will enjoy the closeness with nature and warm nights. It will be unforgettable memories of summer vacation.

If You want to better your health, You may go to the recreational resorts in Lviv region. Among them there are the legendary Truskavets, Morshyn, Skhidnytsia, Shklo… You can go for pleasant procedure, drink special water Naftusya and relax from daily worries and troubles.

The warmest, sunniest and most desired season has many surprises for You and may make a lot of pleasant moments. For example balloon flight may be so fascinating and fabulous! Your holiday will overflow with positive impressions and emotions. Imagine: You are flying over all the beauty of Lviv region so close to the blue sky, and below the floating green fields, forests… With a bird's eye You see castles and fortresses that protected and defended calm cities and towns.

More active tourists can test themselves, their strength and endurance on foot tourism. You will get the energy and excitement, and You will be able to see the hidden picturesque places of Ukraine, which can be reached only on foot. There are not so much tourists… This is one of the best ways to reunite with nature.

You can speed up your walk and sit on horses. Do You dream about the long ride on the horse? Horse tourism is very popular in Lviv region.

If You prefer iron horse, You may take a bike in bike rental centers. There are a lot of biking trails. Go to a trip with friends or a loved one. Look forward to a lot of fun moments and adventures. And remember, cycling is very good for health.

The summer vacation will be one of the most vivid memories during the year. After returning home, You can plan next summer. And the memories will bring You strength and desire to conquer new heights.

Accommodation in Ukraine can be comfortable and high quality. Lviv region is ready to bring unforgettable moments, impressions and memories that are full of sun and heat. Try it, and it will be your favorite place for your holiday!

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