Rivers, streams and sources

Water is life. Water in the mountains serves as a rescue from thirst and a guide for those who get lost, and delight to the eyes of every traveler.

Big and small rivers flow, tinkling streams run and lakes reflect the sky in the Ukrainian Carpathians on the territory of Lviv region.

Rivers are located in accordance with natural laws during hundreds and hundreds of years. It is caused by the formation processes of mountains and is complemented by the current territorial and climat aspects. Carpathian rivers are with the mountain character. Their narrow valleys restrain the steep slopes, the direction of flow is often variable, riverbeds look a bit threatening because of stones and broken pieces of rocks. The rapids are rattling, the waterfalls are roaring, swift water is running.

In the Subcarpathian region you will encounter other rivers on your way, with slow flow and wide valleys. They carry their waters slowly and majestically.

The wide enough Dnister river is among the most famous rivers in the region. It originates near the village of Vovche. Herodotus mentioned this river in his writings, and we can only imagine how many tribes and nations were seen by its banks, how many languages were heard…

The Stryy, a tributary of the Dniester, is deeper in the mouth of the river. The name of the river literally means “fast”. It is the best decription of this basin. Like many other tributaries of the Dnister, the Stryy is a typical mountain river: stormy, cold and fast.

If you route your trip through the town of Skole, you will see the rattling Opir River. This river has gained considerable popularity among tourists-rafters. Rafting on the Opir starts with the village of Slavske in the spring and with the city of Skole in the summer.

Of course, there are a lot of other rivers in the Carpathians within Lviv region. A huge number of streams and a significant number of rivers run through the mountains, so if you get lost in the Carpathians, remember the old camping rule: “Follow the water. The stream leads to the river, and the river leads to people.” But you’d rather never need this knowledge. It is much better if the trembling cold water of the mountain rivers gives you vigor and quenches thirst during the hot day…

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