Water tourism

Boating is a type of sport recreation, which attracts brave and cheerful travelers. What may be better than going down by water on the favorite type of transport? Boating is resistant alloys on catamarans, small and light kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats for rafting. In Lviv region You will receive all types of modern, reliable and high-quality equipment, the help of an experienced instructor, and the most important – an unforgettable experience.

For tourists are offered training services, maintenance, recreation, nutrition and all sorts of additional comfort and support. The choice of route depends on the wishes and skills of travelers. And here also provides the possibility of such recreation with children. Among these types of active leisure time also is the water park. It just seems a simple vacation. Day, spent with the whole family in the water park, give positive emotions and a good discharge for the body of child and adult.

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