Walking through the Carpathian forest, try to listen carefully. Do you hear a low rumbling that grows into a roar as you approach the sound source? It is rapidly falling water from one of the steep mountain rivers, which forms a waterfall – not a high one, but a grand one.

To stand under the ice “shower” of the waterfall is a pleasure for those with a strong spirit, but to enjoy the unbridled power of water is a joy for everyone. All evil thoughts swiftly pass with rapidly falling water...

You can visit waterfalls Hurkalo and Kamyanka in the Carpathians within Lviv region. By the way, there are two waterfalls with the same name – Kamyanka. The first is located within the park “Skole Beskids” and the second one is falling from the slopes of the Mount Kamyanka in the national park “Synevir” in Transcarpathia.

Hurkalo waterfall is 5 meters high and is located on the slopes of the Mount Parashka, a popular tourist destination in Lviv region. It is surrounded by forest, which makes this place full of mystery and majesty. In addition, near the waterfall you may see the Mount Kychera. At the foot of it, various fights by Ukrainian Insurgent Army took place. They say that Hurkalo is the perfect place for reflection and self-knowledge. And we invite you to check whether it is true or false!

Kamyanka falls down in a rather crowded place, in the middle of the popular tourist route. The voice of Kamyanka becomes louder, and a “song” of its water brings joy, but does not carry sadness away. The waterfall Kamyanka is under protection as a geological natural monument. Please, keep it in your mind while traveling to Carpathians and take care of unique objects given to us for admiration and surprise.

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