Winter recreation

Winter holidays in Lviv

Winter is a white fairy tale that brings charm and dreaminess. It is a special time when we believe in miracles and expect for them. Winter holidays in Ukraine will be unforgettable!

Lviv became winter recreation center in Ukraine. There are a lot of festivals, events for children, concerts… Take a hot wine at the Christmas fair, taste donuts at Doughnut Festival, visit the Festival of nativity Scenes in Lviv… Spend your winter holidays in Lviv and let your heart be filled with joy the great feast of Christmas.

Winter holidays in Carpathians Mountains will become another vivid impression for the rest of all year. On a way to Carpathians You may stop for a few days in Lviv. You will return to those days again and again in the memories. If You meet the New Year in the Carpathians in a company of dear people it will be the charming moment.

Let the boldest test the endurance and patience in hunting. There You may catch beaver, fox, wild goat, and sometimes even the wolf. Keep in mind that this requires previous training and appropriate permissions.

You can spend some wonderful days in hotels of Slavsk or Bukovel, relax in the recreational complex in the Carpathians. The Carpathians Mountains will give You a lot of energy, strength and inspiration for implementing all your plans. Snow-covered forests are so adorable and will be the best for You every morning.

Also in the Lviv region is very developed ski tourism. Ardent skiers can pick up ski slopes of higher complexity, and beginners can make the first attempt on gentle slopes. You will be full of adrenalin definitely.

You may rise by longest cable car in Ukraine to Mount High Top, in the village Volosyanka. On your eyes will open incredible sceneries that intercept breathing. A service and prices at ski resorts Ukraine will pleasantly surprise You.

One of the most popular winter sport is skating. Come to the rink with your friends or your kids and improve yourself in skill skating. And if You do not want to freeze in the cold, there are many indoor rinks in Lviv and near the city.

Wellness leisure is offered at the resorts in Skhodnitsa, Truskavets, Morshyn… You can receive rehabilitation with water «Naftusya» even in winter. There are a wide range of treatments for strengthen your immune system and improve health also. Get a charge of good health in the winter.

If You have a big company of friends and You are looking for a place where to rest not far from the city, You can gather in the cozy recreation complex or rent a cottage or house. Go the bath or sauna after a fun entertainment in the fresh frosty air outside.

Remember! Winter is time to wonder and celebrate. Let your holidays in Lviv, in the Carpathian Mountains or another scenic spot near Lviv be full of joy, magic and miracles. Let it give You inspiration for new achievements throughout the year!

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